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Most of the titles which have been launched as of late, set challenges that had by no means been seen earlier than in a video gaming, like taking part in with time to rescue a princess (Braid) or main a bunch of petrol drops to freedom (World of Goo). This time round we’ll turn into a drop of water that has to efficiently transfer across the fifteen situations that type the sport: backyard, kitchen, bed room, sport room…

A considering sport that includes a drop of water

I-Fluid is a “refreshing” sport during which physics will play a vital position (typically in our favor and typically in opposition to us). We’ll must keep away from all types of absorbent surfaces (like sugar, sponges or materials), keep away from every of the obstacles as greatest as attainable (leaping or climbing up partitions), keep away from the bugs that attempt to drink us and use the fruit that we come throughout to regenerate.

In most of the ranges of I-Fluid not solely will we now have to succeed in the aim, however we’ll additionally must resolve sure puzzles to finish our goal. Begin attempting to free this drop of water from the home during which it is trapped.

Necessities and extra info:

  • The demo model has sure limitations.

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